Saturday, September 1, 2012

Waylander - Honour Amongst Chaos (Listenable Records, 2008)

Genre: Celtic/Folk Metal
Year: 2008
Country: United Kingdom
1.As The Deities Clash                   07:45
2.Walk With Honour                      05:00
3.Beyond The Ninth Wave          07:56
4.Galloping Gaels                            06:17
5.To Dine In The Otherworld     10:16
6.Usurpers Of Our Legacy           08:24
7.Taker Of Heads                            06:02
8.Elemental Chaos                         08:44
9.Brú Na Bóinne                              05:42
Total playing time                          01:06:06

Seven years after "The Light, The Dark and the Endless Knot" CD Waylander strikes back with Honour Amongst Chaos. It's quite amazing that their new album has been released on Listenable Records because they are the odd one out. The group plays the Celtic variant of Folk metal just like their countrymen Cruachan. Immediately after the first listen you notice that Waylander is bringing out the heavier guns than on their older records. They have mastered the art of making a very long song attractive throughout thanks to the use of unusual, Celtic instruments ("thin whistle") and a folk metal style that is peppered with black metal riffs and loud roars. Outliers are the furious "Galloping Gaels" what can best be described as a heavier variant of a Korpiklaani song and the epic, more than ten minutes "To Dine in the Other World" that mixes quiet passages a with harder Pagan Folk metal pieces. The cd also has a number of drawbacks, the production could be better (sometimes it sounds messy) and after a few songs, the innovative element there is gone and threatens to make Waylander boring. With this record Waylander can’t transcend this crowded market. A very mild recommendation for fans of the genre.


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