Thursday, September 6, 2012

Exivious - Exivious (self released, 2009)

 Genre: Progressive Jazz (Metal)
Year: 2009
Country: The Netherlands
1. Ripple of a Tear 07:30
2. Time and Its Changes 04:39
3. Asurim 05:31
4. All That Surrounds pt 1 03:38
5. Waves of Thought 06:24
6. The Path 05:45
7. All That Surrounds pt 2 03:39
8. Embrace the Unknown 04:44
9. An Elusive Need 04:39
Exivious has members from Cynic (yes the same) and has drummer Stef Broks from Textures, in order to not be limited in their creative expressions they decided to release the album through their own website and only print about 1000 copies for sale. First and foremost I need to mention that the music is not the sum of the previous groups mentioned, rather they take the progressive and technical elements of their previous musical expressions one step further. They music is best described as some sort of jazz-fusion but with the vast majority jazz and little room for the harder metal work. The songs are all built with a spontaneous progression like most jazz songs and not with normal choruses and recurring elements. This makes Exivious not so easy to digest , its gets even harder on the stomach because it’s a pure instrumental album. Without even hearing a single note of music you can decide if this record is going to be suited for your tastes. Do you love far-reaching progressive music and technical instrumental miracles, did you always have a passion for jazz or are you just one of the biggest Cynic fans on earth? Then you can probably do no wrong with purchasing this very album. For those of you who prefer a more common chunk of music it would be best to listen before you buy. To conclude I like to mention that this record is made rather for artists then for the average metalhead. That’s why I cannot wholeheartedly recommended it, but you are free to try it.


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