Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Warbringer - Waking into Nightmares (Century Media Records, 2009)

Genre:  Thrash Metal
Year: 2009
Country: USA

1. Jackal 03:07
2. Living in a Whirlwind 03:19
3. Severed Reality 03:57
4. Scorched Earth 03:42
5. Abandoned by Time 04:19
6. Prey for Death 04:44
7. Nightmare Anatomy 04:00
8. Shadow from the Tomb 04:05
9. Senseless Life 04:55
10. Forgotten Dead 04:03
For Warbringer it all went very quickly, thanks to Myspace they were discovered by the general public and their EP was (rightly) praised  highly everywhere. It was therefore not very surprising that they were picked up by a major label like Century Media not long afterwards where they got the chance to record a first album. This was received with varying criticisms but it was agreed to that originality was hard to find. The fans couldn’t care less though and after some very successful tours with Exodus and Kreator these young wolves of Warbringer where back to do what they do best on this second record, ‘Waking Into Nightmares’, namely thrashing till they drop. After a first listen it is immediately evident that much progress has been made compared to the previous record. Firstly, the production suits better, every instrument is mixed in perfectly, probably thanks to Gary Holt taking the time to producing this, so this time you can actually hear bassist Ben Bennet. A nice example of this can be found on their instrumental song "Nightmare Anatomy", where he especially exhibits his art. The biggest change however, we find back in the guitarwork. The chunky riffs are almost dripping from the CD, it is precisely because of those riffs that Warbringer can distinguish itself from other new thrash groups. Nevertheless, they failed to develop their own unique style, although they mix Bay Area Thrash with Teutonic Thrash, or to be more specific slayer with Kreator. Also influences from Testament, destruction and exodus can be heared  (Pray For Death could come so from an exodus record). But who can expect originality now from a genre that reached its peak in the 80s? With Waking Into Nightmares Warbringer proves that their aggression and technique of their live performances can also be delivered on their cds. A record where you get what you expect, some very good Thrash metal.


Where to buy?: http://www.cmdistro.de/Item/Warbringer_-_Waking_Into_Nightmares/690


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