Friday, September 21, 2012

Pagan Altar - The Time Lord (EP) (Cruz Del sur Music, 2012)

Genre: Doom Metal/NWOBHM
Year: 2004 (2012 re-release)
Country: UK
1. Highway Cavalier 02:46
2. The Time Lord 08:10
3. Judgement of the Dead 06:58
4. The Black Mass 05:52
5. Reincarnation 09:03
Pagan Altar is a cult band best known for only recently releasing most of their 70s/80S songs on album. Back in 2004 the band actually reformed to re-record some old unreleased songs, what would end up being the EP I got here today.
This is the 2012 re-release by Cruz Del sur Music (in collaboration with Shadow Kingdom Records). Fully remastered and with new cover art.

If you haven't heard from Pagan Altar, they bring old school doom metal in the line of Saint Vitus, Count Raven and hour of 13.
The title track, the real highlight of the record, also has a very Manilla Road vibe to it, what I can only approve, while Judgement of the Dead could be taken from Ozzy era Black Sabbath.
Of course being remastered, this sound better then their original demo but still a fair warning should be placed here that the songs can sound a bit "cassette" like. Not that that is necessary a bad thing, I feel it all adds to the feeling of the music.

So in summery, The Time Lord is 5 songs filled with doomy riffs and ozzy-like nasal vocals all harping back to days long forgotten. I highly recommend grabbing this EP, it's about 30 minutes of material which is long enough to recommend but a true doom lover already has the full Pagan Altar
discography of course.

Note: Since I got send this album in a digital format I cannot make claims about the quality of the booklet and cd itself this time.
PS: Volume 1 is also getting re-released under the title: 'Judgment of The Dead" on 28/09/2012 so also check that out.


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