Sunday, September 9, 2012

Atheist - Unquestionable Presence: Live At Wacken (Relapse Records, 2009)

Genre: Death/Thrash Metal with Jazz and Progressive Influences
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Disc 1
1. Unquestionable Presence 04:53
2. On They Slay 04:01
3. Unholy War 02:28
4. Your Life's Retribution 03:17
5. An Incarnation's Dream 03:54
6. Mother Man 05:59
7. And the Psychic Saw 05:29
8. Piece of Time 05:58
Disc 2
1. Piece of Time 04:33
2. I Deny 04:00
3. Unholy War 02:18
4. Room With a View 04:05
5. Mother Man 04:33
6. Unquestionable Presence 04:07
7. And the Psychic Saw 04:49
8. An Incarnation's Dream 04:52
9. Mineral 04:33
10. Water 04:28
11. Air 05:34

In 2006 the legendary thrash / death group Atheist gave some exclusive reunion concerts. For those who could not attend those shows there is now a double CD with the recording of their passage in WackenTo introduce the band here would be superfluous because their jazz metal paved the way for other well-known groups such as Cynic and Watchtower.  On The first disc you get the first time chance to hear Atheist live on record.
On the second disc you get a compilation of their best songs to date. The sound quality of the live recording plays rather rough and raw but you are therefore assured of a realistic sound that is exactly how it was played three years ago. One downside is that songs from the first two records are played and that "Elements" was completely ignored, although the latter album also has its fans. The only live album of this classic group is a must for old fans while the compilation part is a great introduction to a newer audience.


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