Sunday, September 9, 2012

Gwar - Lust in Space (Metal Blade Records, 2009)

Genre:  Punk/Thrash Metal
Year: 2009
Country: USA

1. Lust in Space 06:12
2. Let Us Slay 03:25
3. Damnation Under God 03:27
4. The UberKlaw 03:39
5. Lords and Masters 04:52
6. Metal Metal Land 03:05
7. The Price of Peace 03:37
8. Where is Zog? 04:53
9. Make a Child Cry 02:59
10. Release the Flies 04:10
11. Parting Shot 04:16
12. GWARnography * 06:04  


Legend speaks of an elite group of warriors who centuries ago roamed the universe with their unlimited hatred for all living things. They called themselves Scumdogs Of The Universe and after many massacres they were banished to the most useless planet in the galaxy, Earth.

If the above story sounds familiar, you probably have an album of these gentlemen in your collection, as usual on the new one we get a concept album that writes a new chapter to the epic book that is the story of Gwar. Hence expect only a standard story embellished with typical Gwar humor. Musically, they started as a punk / thrash group where the music was considered inferior to the humor and bloody spectacle. The band’s live show has always been better than their albums, thats just a fact that all their fans agree on.

But what about this latest new cd?

Well, there are again enough jokes and winks to satisfy the faithful Gwar fans. Twenty-five years playing experience has apparently paid off because just like their previous album this surpasses the older work musically. Unfortunately, there is also a more negative trend to be found here, more and more 'mallcore' elements crept into the music. No idea who was waiting for changes like that in a Gwar album. Thankfully, "Lust In Space" compensates with groovy thrash riffs that makes us forget those useless breakdowns immediately. The album cover is a nod to "Love Gun" by Kiss, a reference to the group that invented the whole shockrock genre.

Gwar was always the laughing stock of more serious metalheads but with this album it has been made clear that on a technical level they do know how to handle their instruments well.

If compared to Beyond Hell, the production is equally good, while comparing this with their older work would be like comparing you Bluray disc of 'Friday the 13th' to my VHS copy of that movie. Both are good and a fun to watch but you will get the most detail and nuances with the later one.

After 25 years, the cow should have been milked dry, but Gwar is live as funny and original as ever. The music has always been subordinate but this time it's again a fun little record to have.

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