Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dustsucker - Diabolo Domination (Limb Music GmbH, 2008)

Genre: Heavy Metal
Year: 2008
Country: Germany

1. Lost and Forgotten 03:50
2. Dig Your Own Grave 03:15
3. Live in Sin 03:10
4. Land of the King 03:45
5. Long Gone 03:40
6. Ignite to Burn 03:29
7. Right Time 02:49
8. Loaded and Ready 03:43
9. Kill On the First Date 03:21
10. Can't Escape the Fire 03:57
11. Learn to Crawl 03:30
12. Let the Good Times Roll 05:02

The Germans of Dustsucker have been working hard to get recognition for over more then 15 years. After 4 CDs was they still failed to advance beyond the status of an underground band.
Hopefully this fifth record will change things for them. Dustsucker have everything to make it with the general public, they are playing a heavy mix between
Motörhead and The Hellacopters. These gentlemens still play for the love of music and it shows becasue the joy of playing just oozes out of the music.
You won't find a lot of variety on this album but the record is not boring at all, it just keeps on deliciously rocking.
Just turn of your brain and listen to this with a refreshment during the summer, it's ideal for situations like that.
Diabolo Domination swings, rocks and is fun from the start to the end and it's a recommendation for every Möterhead, Rose Tattoo or The Hellacopters fanatic.
And if I also tell you that metallegand Jeff Waters joins in to play a solo on "Land of the King" what are you waiting for to buy this?

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(Originally written in 2009)


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