Saturday, August 18, 2012

Duff McKagan's Loaded - Sick (Century Media Records,2009)

Genre: Hard Rock
Year: 2009
Country: USA
1. Sick (2:51)
2. Sleaze Factory (3:47)
3. Flatline (3:02)
4. IOU (3:36)
5. The Slide (3:10)
6. Translucent (3:08)
7. Mothers Day (3:50)
8. I See Through You ( 3:57)
9. Forgive Me (4:12)
10.No Shame (3:32)
11.Blind Date Girl (5:10)
12.Wasted Heart ( 4:57)
13. No More (4:33)

Now that Velvet Revolver is momentarily paused, Duff Mckagan takes the opportunity to bring out another record with his young dogs of Loaded.
Duff McKagan was a not inconsiderable influence on the sound of the old Guns N 'Roses. His bass always had a good punk rock vibe to it. Knowing that it should come as no surprise that mister Mckagan and his hobbyband play a mix between older Guns N 'Roses work, punk rock, blues and modern rock. On Sick, Duff also takes up the mic again besides his guitar and it must be mentioned that his warm voice managed to amaze me. He dus not have a unique voice like Axel Rose and his vocal range is far from perfect, but as a frontman he is far from being bad. Unfortunately  5 of the 6 song have been taken from their last EP ('Wasted Heart') and sure you get 8 new song who are more or less the same level of quality but why even offer an EP, it’s just a basic cashgrab. Sorry for the people who have bought this EP.

Fans of Velvet Revolver and Guns N 'Roses will probably be able to enjoy this but the more modern influences could have been omitted for my sake.



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