Friday, August 17, 2012

Deal With It – End Time Prophecy (Rucktion Records, 2008)

Genre: Hardcore/Crossover 
Year: 2008 
Country: UK
1. 02:14 29/08/1997
2. Heed My Words
3. War Against The Machines
4. Atlas Shrugged
5. Temple Mount
6. Black Sun
7. Streets Of Rage II
9. Terrorstorm
10. The Rapture
11. Shah-Mat

Thanks to the success of Municipal Waste there are now dozens of talentless bands throwing one unoriginal record after another in our faces, luckily for us that between all that mediocre violence we can occasionally get more of a high point. The English band "Deal With It" belongs to the second category.

The group can best be compared with the Americans of Cro-Mags but more Thrash oriented.
The first striking feature is of course the beautiful cover art (by the hand of  master Ed Repka, creator of sleeves from Death, Megadeth and Uncle Slam). Although Deal With It isn’t claiming that they invented the wheel, a little more originality wouldn’t harm them.  The songs work thanks to the chunky riffs combined with the Chuck Billy-like voice of the singer.
For a debut album you can and may not expect a whole lot more so this album is worth it for the hardcore and Thrash fans who still don’t want to give up the 80s. (just like me)


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