Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shame Yourself - Wonderfuck (Metal Scrap Records, 2012)

Genre: Thrash Metal
Year: 2012
Country: Poland
1. Work Is Not Over 04:06  
2. For All Your Sins 03:26  
3. Secrets 04:23  
4. Jab C.O. 04:05  
5. Metalheads 06:11  
6. Cannabis Corpse 04:42  
7. Your Creation 02:36  
8. Redrum 04:33  
9. Cathology 04:05  
10. Slave of Masturbation 04:34  
11. Hell 05:18  

So another band from the Ukrainian metal label Metal Scrap Records, this time not a Ukrainian band but a Polish group releasing their debut album.

When you hear Polish thrash you might be thinking about a more classic style like we know from Destroyers, Turbo or Kat. What we get here however is something completely different, we get more groove, mid-tempo thrash metal songs. Indeed not a cliché for a polish band but nothing new anyways. While some listeners might be put of by is the lyrics (very simple, basic lyrics) their is humor to be found in them. A good example of the humor would be the song cannabis corpse. If you aren't laughing with the title right now you won't like the rest of the lyrics on display here. The lesser knowledge of the English language also isn't helping their case, like this lyrical gem from a song about masturbation
'Every time I close my eyes, I see naked chicks
all in foam,
then my little marine, grown in power and want
to fight...'

You can't tell me this wasn't just translated by google translate, the rest of the lyrics aren't that much better either so you can either laugh with it or hate it.

The singer does a combination of death metal grunting and more hardcore shouting.
The production has a very "full" sound to it,all the instruments are mixed well and it just sounds like you expect from a decent release.

From the first song 'work is not over' you get a very good idea how the rest of the album is going to be, no real standout tracks or progressive songs here, just modern thrash that sounds surprisingly good.
The song 'hell' can be shown as an example of the more hardcore influenced perfectly, making use of breakdowns and the vocals being very shouty.

The artwork is very well done, of-course referencing a dollar bill, but the booklet is actually foldable and looks great. Definitely a plus in my book.

All in all it is nothing new, but its fun nonetheless.


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