Sunday, October 7, 2012

T.A.N.K - Spasms of Upheaval (Symbol Muzik, 2012)

Genre: Melodic Death Metal
Year: 2012 (October)
Country: France
1. Life Epitaph 01:48  
2. The Raven’s Cry 05:29  
3. Unleash the Craving 04:07  
4. Spasms of Upheaval 05:09  
5. Through the Disgrace 04:43  
6. Inhaled 04:31  
7. Slumber 00:52  
8. Conflict 03:45  
9. Stillness Withered 05:12  
10. A Life Astray 04:48  
11. Cryptic Words 04:53  
12. Daze 05:06  
The second album is for a new band is always the most important. While the first one just needs to make us familiar with the style of the band the second one needs to improve on the debut album, make sure to show us that the potential that was their on the debut is fully utilized. So the question now is, does T.A.N.K. deliver?

T.A.N.K. (Think Of A New Kind) is one of the newer bands hailing from France, playing modern sounding metal like Deboga, Gojira, and so on. They play Melodic Death Metal very derivative of Soilwork, so nothing new to be found here at first glance .
The artwork is very nice, and it might be noticed it is only released as a digipack or a digital download. No normal cd for those who prefer that. That being said the digipack is very nicely done, no complaints here.
We start with “Life epitaph” a almost mechanical sounding one riff instrumental that sets the mood for the album, the songs after that we are bombarded with decent sounding Melodic Death that lucky uses clean vocals sparingly (no mallcore here guys and girls). Everyone who listens to this album will have their own favorite tracks, there isn’t one track that is just better then the rest. That being said I would like to add that it does not mean that every song is a instant hit, there is some originality still needed to stand out. A special mention should go to the song “Inhaled” that has Jon Howard (Threat Signal) lending his voice, and what a throat that guy has.

I also like to point out that just with other modern metal bands their are some real jewels hidden in the lyrics "swayed by my inner dilemmas, I need invasive curses to breathe".  What does that even mean?

In summary this French band delivered what they promised and gave us a well-produced, melodic but heavy album that still is pretty varied. I could go on how it’s nothing new and reminds me of Soilwork and the like. But it’s definitely not a buy you would regret later.


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