Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Symphony of Symbols - Stupefying Beliefs (2012, Metal Scrap Records)

Genre: Death Metal
Year: 2012
1. Cold Season 1 01:10  
2. Time Has Come 10:41  
3. Cold Season 2 01:00  
4. The End of Material Life 08:11  
5. Cold Season 3 00:42  
6. Fire for the Body 08:23  
7. Cold Season 4 01:02  
8. The Fire of Revenge 06:51  
9. Cold Season 5 00:52  
10. Roaming 10:28  
11. Cold Season 6 00:43  
12. Things That Only the Magus Knows 11:10  
13. Cold Season 7 01:15  
The artwork promises a progressive metal band, but the music delivers death metal like Morbid Angel and Death would give you.
The riffs follow the DeathMetalGuidebook and resemble previously mentioned bands. The singer has a good grunt that does the job but lacks variation. The site mentions that this is death/black metal but I fail to see the black metal elements here. The
While we get 13 songs presented only about half of them are real songs, the others are more progressive interludes that seems a bit out of place for an otherwise standard death metal album. Out of place but still A+ for effort.
 The booklet seems a bit crowded, it could have used a page or two extra because the 13 songs all have lyrics that they put in. In true Hongerian style it's English that makes little to no sense. I would actually prefer them to write songs in their own language for once.


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