Sunday, March 15, 2015

One Step Beyond - The Music Of Chance (Total Metal Records, 2014)

Genre: Experimental Metal
Year: 2014
Country: Australia
01. Hour of the Wolf
02. The Music of Chance
03. Hand That's Dealt
04. Decay
05. Up In Smoke
06. Faith
07. Planets Like Chess Pieces
08. Domino Architect
09. Good World Gone Bad

Here is a rule I always had, it's very hard to review something this isn't easy to classify. When I listen to the new enforcer I can always compare it to what it tries to be, a throwback to the 80s heavy metal gods, when I listen to something like this, which is more unique I can ofcourse try and compare it to other bands like sleepytime gorilla museum and Mr Bungle but it will be harder to rate. As you can expect when I throw around names like SGM and Mr Bungle One Step Beyond presents us with very experimental, even avant-garde Deathh Metal.

 It's the first album I hear by this Australian band but I must say it really is a positive experience, this warrants checking out their older work.

For the booklet the good experience continues. The paper is good quality, the lyrics are actually readable (Metal Scrap Records had some problems with this in the past) and the artwork is well done by Nurgeslag (same guy who did art for Rotting Christ etc).

 All in all this is a good release of good experimental metal, wheter you like this sort of thing is up to you but give it a listen and buy if you like it.





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