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Various Artists - "Metal Scrap Records XX Years Anniversary" compilation /Special Edition Deluxe 2CD Digipack/ (Metal Scrap Records, 2013)

Genre: Divers
Year: 2013
Country: Ukraine

Decade A
01. HELL:ON - Slaughter Smell (feat. Andy La Rocque) 03:38
02. CRUSHER - Misled Youth 03:35
03. CYDIA - Последний Стон (The Last Groan) 04:08
04. UNGRACE - SBM (Death cover) 06:07
05. INFECTED - Disinfected 04:20
06. QUO VADIS - Iron Fist 02:19
07. SYMURAN - Ravens (Amon Amarth cover) 03:51
08. CRYOGENIC IMPLOSION - Process Of Imagination 03:35
09. MAJESTY OF REVIVAL - Newborn Sun 06:45
10. RAM-PAGE - Shadow 02:30
11. LETHARGIA - Привкус Мести (Taste of Revenge) 06:30
12. DRUKNROLL - Моя Звезда (My Star) 04:39
Total playing time: 51:57
Bonus video: interview with Anatoliy “Kruger” Kondyuk,
director of Metal Scrap Records

Decade B
01. DRUKNROLL - Самурай (Samurai) 03:50
02. MIND AFFLICTION - Odium Humani Generis 04:15
03. SYMURAN - All Shall Fall (Immortal cover) 05:50
04. INFECTED - Symbiosys 01:21
05. INFECTED - Erosion Of Brain 02:11
06. VOICE OF MIDNIGHT - Signum Crucis 03:59
07. UNGRACE - Unhuman 03:18
08. Dima Krutyholova (FORCEOUT) - Clarity 03:46
09. SYMPHONY OF SYMBOLS - Controlled Cataclysm 09:54
10. QUO VADIS - Rasputin (Boney M cover) 03:40
11. MAJESTY OF REVIVAL - The Code (Remix) 05:07
Total playing time: 47:13


Maybe we should start with some background to this metal label, Metal Scrap Records,
they began in 1993 as Metal Scrap Production, releasing a paper metal magazine. After a while they released some audio releases as well (starting with compilations). Now about 20 years later the label is stronger then ever, metal label #1 in Ukraine, helping domestic and foreign bands to get out there, releasing cds and organizing concerts.

Why am I telling you this?
Since I got their brand new compilation album here to review. For their 20 year anniversary they released their seventh compilation album

So what do we get here? Bands that span the complete history of the label, I reviewed some of them before (MAJESTY OF REVIVAL, DRUKNROLL, MIND AFFLICTION, FORCEOUT, Lethargia)
The compilation comes in 2 version a normal version and the special edition deluxe version (the version to get and the version I have got).
The Special Edition Deluxe Enhanced 2CD Digipack includes: 23 audio tracks/100 min. of music in various Metal styles, as well as 9 official videos, 17 min. video interview with director of Metal Scrap Records, bandphotos, wallpapers and a  booklet.

The quality of the album is top notch, it feels sturdy looks nice and really professional. 

Not all the songs are the same quality but with a label with that many releases there is bound to be something for everyone.
Also it contains the best cover of a Boney-M song I ever heard. Check it out.

No Score

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